"helping Small Business Owners Scale the Steps to Business Success"

"helping Small Business Owners Scale the Steps to Business Success"
Symbol of Hope for Small Businesses in East Africa

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Richard N. Muteti, Chairman of the COMESA Business Council SMEs Workgroup shares a panel discussion with Mr. Admassu Tadesse, PTA Bank President during the 9th COMESA Business Partnerships Forum and Regional Fair, 2014 21-22 February, 2014- Kinshasa, DRC.

under the sub topic of “THE PROMOTION OF MANUFACTURING SECTOR IN THE REGION”, the President of PTA Bank presented on “What you should know as a business when seeking trade financing to expand a company at a national and regional level”, SMEs look to banks to ease their financial constraints in terms of giving affordable loans to grow or expand their businesses. Manufacturing is not cheap. Added costs include the various requirements and standards a company must have , so as to access additional financing. Whilst companies let it be known that Africa is not a friendly financial environment, numerous regional and financial institutions have tailor made loaning facilities to cater for the needs of industries in the Africa. The presentation raised awareness on how and where to access such facilities.

Mr. Richard N. Muteti presented on “Practical interventions to address efficiency in SMEs”

Associations in the region have advocated for strong SME policy regulatory environment that can boost the growth of the industry. As COMESA, a core running theme has been to boost SME development through intra- trade. This presentation will addressed the constraints faced by the industry and practical solutions that can address trade promotion, financial accessibility, skills development and accessing potential markets

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